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Our children deserve the academic and social science research opportunities that libraries provide. They deserve a steady path to achieving a decent and stable income. They deserve to experience a traditional path of success – graduate from High School and College, get a job, and make future plans of travel while enjoying all the excitement of being a responsible member of society.

Through Partnerships For Trenton, I worked with members of our Public Schools system, Clergy, and Business partners to provide a combined 260 plus children of this city with the opportunity to learn outside the classroom by participating in the Princeton Blairstown Summerbridge program – an adventure-based, exploratory education opportunity centered on Science Technology and Math specifically geared towards providing extraordinary learning prospects for our inner city children. When our children and Teachers were suffering from excruciating heat in the classrooms of our Public schools, I was there with members of our non-profit and volunteers providing Air Conditioner donations to help sustain a healthy classroom environment consistent with the expectations of our State Education Agencies.

I was readily available and answered the call to help raise money for the annual Trenton Public Schools Youth Summit at Mercer County Community College. I am an active member of the newly formed Community Stakeholders for Public Education a group of community leaders in pursuit of a clearer understanding and appreciation for the way our Board of Education spends or executes its budget on behalf of our children’s education. This group is responsible for drafting a bill sent forward to our state legislatures asking for the formalization of a Community Budget Oversight Committee to work in conjunction with members of the Board of Education and the Superintendent to ensure clear communication and inclusion of the community in major budget decisions affecting our children’s education.

As a member of the Board of Directors for the Special Parent Advocacy Group that services children with special needs statewide to include Trenton, I have been a staunch supporter of our children with special needs to provide a more calm, efficient and effective state of being for the children and their families. I stood next to members of the Trenton Education Association and Para-Professionals Unions and the NAACP – Trenton, when the Board of Education gave out pink slips to eliminate dozens of teachers, paraprofessionals, secretaries and an entire child study team in favor of a private agency. That decision was made without providing a clear or definitive reasoning behind it and still has an adverse, cascading effect upon the instructional capabilities of the BOE and will continue for some time.